“First Look” Reading a Pesticide Label to Protect Bees

Join us for a special offering in the 2019 OSU Extension Master Gardener Advanced Training webinar series. “First Look” invites Oregon State University students to share their research projects and results with Master Gardeners.

Matthew Bucy, an undergraduate research assistant for OSU Pollinator Health Extension, will explain how to read a pesticide label to protect bees. He will cover where to find pollinator information on the label, and will explain what the label language actually means. Finally, he will cover how his honors thesis showed that many labels deviate from EPA-recommendations in their communication of this information, and he will explain why this can make label comprehension difficult. Matthew will be joined by Dr. Andony Melathopoulos (OSU Dept of Horticulture, Pollinator Health Extension) for the Q&A portion.

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

Photo credit: Joseph Berger,

Created by Brooke Edmunds