Big Data and Water Resource Management

Our June edition of The Current Webinar Series will overview a range of different types of big data and how these data-sets are being used in water resource programming and research. Speakers will discuss how different public data-sets can be leveraged to answer pressing questions related to harmful algal blooms, conservation adoption tracking, and groundwater monitoring and explore various data management issues and solutions.

Featured Speakers Include:
  • Natalie Nelson, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, NC State University: "Coupling diverse datasets to investigate connections between water management practices and harmful algal blooms"
  • Reid Christianson, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois: "Comparing Data Sources for Water Quality Practice Implementation"
  • Jillian Deines, Postdoctoral scholar, Center on Food Security and the Environment, Department of Earth System Science, Stanford University: "Informing Groundwater Management with Satellite Data: Mapping Three Decades of Irrigation Over the US High Plains Aquifer"

Created by Anne Nardi

Primary Audience: Public