Virtual Summer School: An Innovative New Staff Orientation Experience Online

Part 1: New Staff Orientation Online
Kim Fleming, Cornell University

Cornell Cooperative Extension Administration at Cornell University gathered input from current staff, new staff, and directors to design an online orientation course intended to help new employees to better understand our organization and the resources and supports that are in place for them during their first few months on the job. This training, ready on demand, prepares new staff to be able to explain the purpose and breadth of Cornell Cooperative Extension to others; locate system-wide resources including policy and procedures; identify professional development opportunities, and connect with others building collegial networks that will assist with current work.

Part 2: Seeding Success-National Onboarding Program for Forestry and Natural Resources
Leslie Boby, University of Georgia

A national team planned and launched an online onboarding program for early career Extension forestry and natural resources professionals. The course was launched for a live cohort, via webinars, and are now being turned into e-learning modules for future use.


Kim Fleming, Leslie Boby

Created by Gwyn Shelle