Health Benefits of City Trees: Research Evidence & Economic Values

Dr. Kathleen Wolf, Ph.D., Research Social Scientist, University of Washington, College of the Environment, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, associate: USDA Forest Service, Pacific NW Research Station

The evidence is out now -nature is good medicine. But what about the specific health benefits of trees? These more detailed studies are underway. Collaborators at the University of Washington, University of British Columbia, Health Canada and Natural Resources Canada have reviewed the existing studies about urban trees and human health response. Dr. Wolf will share the findings, and will talk about the economic consequences of the evidence.

Dr. Kathleen Wolf is a Research Social Scientist with the College of the Environment at the University of Washington (Seattle). Her research focus is the human dimensions of urban forestry and urban ecosystems, particularly human health. Another interest is the translation of scientific evidence for use in local government policy and planning. You can view her research at; and the Green Cities: Good Health project at: 

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