America Saves Week: YouTube Live & Twitter Chat 2020

Our guests for the discussion on the YouTube Live (video chat) include Dr. Laura Hendrix (University of Arkansas), Jinnifer Ortquist (Michigan State University Extension), Marco Pantoja (University of Missouri Extension) Dr. Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head (South Dakota State University), and Sasha Grabenstetter (University of Illinois Extension), who will moderate the online video panel.

General Instructions:

·        Log in to ( at 2pm EST on Tuesday. February 25th, 2020

·        Insert #eXASchat into the textbox that pops up so you can tweet easily and view the live Twitter stream

·        Create valuable content by answering questions about saving money

Questions That We Will Discuss:


Q1.        What kinds of things do we save for?

Q2.        When should we go from just saving to saving with a plan?

Q3.        What does saving with a plan look like?

Q4.        What action steps can people take to save with a plan today?

Q5.        What tools/resources can we use to save with a plan?

Q6.        Why is saving with a plan important?

Q7.        How often should we reevaluate our savings plan?

Q8.        How come it’s hard to stick to a plan?

Q9.        What is your #1 savings tip? 


Sasha Grabenstetter, Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head, Laura Hendrix, Jinnifer Ortquist

Created by Sasha Grabenstetter


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