Best Practice Approaches in the New Economy

About the webinar: Our world has changed and past strategies to add vitality in our cities and towns are failing in a globalized society. Based on the successful approaches from real people in real communities, this presentation is the result of nearly two years of research and site visits to more than 70 smaller and mid-sized communities in 20 states that are experiencing success in a global paradigm. The presentation outlines five pillars of success in the New Economy while providing community examples that operationalize global competitiveness themes.

About the Speaker(s): Dave Ivan conducts community & economic development programs statewide for Michigan State University Extension. He has spoken at more than 50 state, regional and national municipal and rural development conferences in the United States and Canada. Ivan has conducted previous research on community sustainability, including a 2002 federally-funded project entitled “Small Town Success Strategies, and a 2004 project entitled “Can Small Towns Be Cool.” His current research topics examine small community approaches to compete in the new economy and the use of social media to engage new players in economic development. Ivan’s work was recognized this past year by the Community Development Society for its “current research” award.


Dave Ivan

Created by Lela Vandenberg