Getting Started on Making Maps in Google MyMaps

Mapping can be a great way to communicate information to a client. In the past, making a digital map took complex and expensive software, but the advent of internet mapping has opened up new opportunities for you to create your very own custom map quickly and at low cost (free in fact!). You might be looking for a custom map to direct someone to your office, or a custom map to display something like the location of oil recycling centers.

Whatever your need, a map can help display information in a new way. This session will go over one of the most popular tools for online simple map create, Google MyMap. Google MyMaps can be embedded in web pages, sent via email, and overlay onto other mapping applications. Learn how to create, save, and publish a simple map in this session.

=====PLEASE NOTE=====
Although not required, it is suggested that participants have created a Google account prior to the session (or if you already have an account, find that password!).

If you don't already have an account and would like to create one, go to, click on "Create an account" in the lower right corner and follow the steps. The entire process should take just a few minutes to complete.


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Amy Hays, Shane Bradt

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