"Reaching Mobile Customers" part of Social Media and Mobile Technology for Ag Businesses webinar series

How many times each day do you see requests to “Like Us on Facebook,” “Follow Us on Twitter,” or “Check In on foursquare?” Have you ever searched for a business on Google and found a map to the location? Do you or someone you know use a smart phone to find information about businesses? There are many mobile and social media tools that allow customers to connect with businesses in new and meaningful ways. Often, it’s these connections, or relationships, that make a business successful over the long run.

Social media tools, like Facebook and Twitter, offer access to hundreds of millions of people. Mobile tools, operated from a smart phone or tablet (such as an iPad), offer many other options to help customers find and connect with a business. How can business owners take advantage of these tools to increase sales? What types of businesses are best suited for using these tools?

Penn State Extension is partnering with Ohio State and Minnesota Extension to offer a series of webinars to help small business owners understand how to integrate social media and mobile applications into the company’s marketing plan.

The Feb. 8 webinar is on Reaching Mobile Customers. Adeel Ahmed of Minnesota Extension and Kathy Kelley of Penn State will be presenting.


Julie Fox, Robert Leeds, Jeffrey Hyde, Sarah Cornelisse

Created by Sarah Cornelisse