Secure Attachments: Supporting Parent-Child Relationships in Military Families

CE credit is not available for this webinar.

The Child Care concentration of the Military Families Learning Network is proud to announce the inaugural presentation of our Child Care and Military Families web conference series.

This web conference discusses:
• How military life can impact parent-child relationships
• Strategies for child care providers to support and strengthen parent-child attachment
• Strategies to help children feel more emotionally secure in the child care setting

• Lesia Oesterreich, Families Extension Specialist, Iowa State University (
• Diane Bales, Extension Human Development Specialist, The University of Georgia (
• Kathy Broniarczyk, Director of Outreach, Military Families Research Institute, Purdue University (

Download the presentation slides . Search hashtag #MFLN_secure on Twitter for additional related resources.

--Understanding Attachment in Young Children: Sean Brotherson, North Dakota State University, 2005. Available at
--Renewing Infant Attachment Following Deployment. Laura Compton and Amy F. Hosier, University of Kentucky Extension, 2011. Available at
--How to Help Military Families as a Child Care Provider. Military Families Research Institute, Purdue University, 2010. Available at

Online lesson:
--Giving Your Best: Making Secure Attachments available at

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Lesia Oesterreich, Diane Bales

Created by Diane Bales