Google Analytics Q&A

A general session for people interested in learning how visitors are interacting with their content on the eXtension public site. This session will be guided by your questions, so please let me know what you want to learn about.

1. Can you show us around the new version of GA?
Today's presentation will be exclusively in GA, so you'll get a good overview.

2. I like the new version of GA but report email scheduling and PDF export are missing
They were promised in January, so Google is running behind. Hopefully soon.

3. What kind of "social" analytics can be run?
We currently are using a sharing widget called "Add to Any." Some CoPs are using limited campaign tracking.

4. How can I get all possible data about my content area?
Two words: Advanced Segments. Here's a PDF cheatsheet with step-by-step instructions.

5. Is it possible to filter on non-top level tags?
Yes. We added this functionality recently. You can search for any tag that's been published to the public site.

6. How do you track pdf viewings?
We've created a separate profile which has enabled outbound tracking.

7. How do you interpret the "visitors flow"?
Visitor flow gives you an idea of how visitors are moving across your content

How to get Access
To get access to Google Analytics for eXtension sites, you need to join the eXtension Web Analytics group in People:


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