Financial Implications of Divorce

Dr. Barbara O'Neill is a Professor and the Cooperative Extension Specialist in Family Resource Management at Rutgers University. Dr. O’Neill is project director for the national Cooperative Extension’s basic investing program, Investing for Your Future. She has written more than 1,500 consumer articles, and more than 100 academic articles, conference proceedings and other professional publications. She is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Accredited Financial Counselor, Certified Housing Counselor, and is certified in Family & Consumer Sciences. She is also the author of Saving on a Shoestring and Investing on a Shoestring, and co-author of Money Talk: A Financial Guide for Women. She has written three textbooks, an online Guidebook to Help Late Savers Prepare for Retirement, and six book chapters.
This 90-minute session will present information on:
• 10 question pre-test
• Change in living standard
• Negotiation pointers
• Goals & priorities
• Net-worth: assets & debt
• Property & its value
• Debt repayment
• Tax rules
• Calculating home sale
• Keeping home vs. renting
• Social security benefits
• Insurance considerations
• COBRA law
• Changes in estate plans
• Divorce mediation
• How to find a lawyer
• Creating a property settlement
• Key documents needed
• Resources for PFMPs
• Military-specific divorce regulations
• Division of military pensions

1.5 AFCPE CEUs will be available to participants.

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Barbara O'Neill

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Thumb_2011bust-square-150px John Dorner

over 5 years ago

Great presentation of issues surrounding divorce in the military. K. Thompson

Avatar_placeholder Drum Frp

almost 6 years ago

Excellent presentation!

Thumb_summer_2007_029 Evelyn Lanzendorfer Berrier

almost 6 years ago

Outstanding presentation. I learned a lot of things about which I had previously been unfamiliar. Really great information.

Avatar_placeholder Jeffrey Nelson

almost 6 years ago

I hope the PPT will be available and with notes would be great too (-:

Avatar_placeholder Guy Van Drunen

almost 6 years ago

Hi Guy - The recording and the PPT will be posted in a few days. Hopefully the resource page will be posted tomorrow! Check back often.

Thumb_molly Molly Herndon

almost 6 years ago

Great Presentation!

Avatar_placeholder Guy Van Drunen

almost 6 years ago

This really was an outstanding session all around! Excellent content (comprehensive & relevant to the particular audience of military helping professionals), delivery, & facilitation of the chat interaction with participants. Great job! Regarding the first feedback question about opposing points of view, I did not see where it applied to this particular session, so I did not respond.

Thumb_jerry_buchko_351x351 Jerry Buchko

almost 6 years ago

Very comprehensive.

Avatar_placeholder Michael Byrne

almost 6 years ago

Primary Audience: Not Set