Biodiesel 2012 State of the Industry, the Renewable Fuel Standard 2, and Maintaining Fuel Quality in the Supply Chain from Production through Distribution

The National Biodiesel Board will provide market and technical information on basic aspects of biodiesel as a blend stock for all diesel fuel market sectors.... information to Cooperative Extension concerning

• Biodiesel Myths and Facts
• Accepted biodiesel definition by the US EPA as an alternate fuel
• Biodiesel feedstocks
• The Renewable Fuel Standard-2 and its components (sustainability, qualified feedstocks and fuel pathways, ASTM definition, OEM acceptance)
• New markets for biodiesel in the RFS-2
• Rural economic impacts
• Sustainability – air, water, and energy
• Fuel Quality Specification – ASTM specifications and components for successful operation in diesel (compression-ignition) engines
• Purchasing biodiesel – what to include in the purchase order
• Need for “supply-chain management” – steps to success before, during, and after receiving biodiesel
• On-site handling and storage
• Cold weather concerns
• Engine warranties
• Educational resources and where to get current information

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Richard Nelson

Created by Susan Hawkins