UCCE (University of California Cooperative Extension) Lecture Capture, DIY Video Tutorials and other useful tools.

UC's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources employs Mediasite to capture lectures and presentations in the most cost-effective method to date. Another technology, Camtasia Relay, allows any academic or staff member to create video tutorials of anything on their computer including narrated PowerPoint files that become video files that can be easily shared.

We are pleased to announce the first webinar of 2012 for the National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals (NAEPSDP). This year’s theme for the webinars and annual conference is the use of technology and social media. This is an important topic for each of us as our organizations continue to use technology and social media for many aspects of our work.

Learn more about NAEPSDP at http://naepsdp.tamu.edu/ .


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