Property tax and incentive programs for Minnesota woodland owners

Your forest stewardship actions may provide a potential property tax reduction or incentive payment. Learn about one incentive payment program and two property tax programs. First, the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act, offers an incentive payment of $7 per acre per year for landowners who have an approved forest management plan on qualifying property. A minimum of 20 contiguous acres is required. Second, the Rural Preserve Program provides a tax deferral for qualifying lands to those landowners who are or were enrolled in the Green Acres program. Third, enrollment in the Class 2c Managed Forest Land requires an approved management plan and a minimum of 20 qualifying forested acres. Land enrolled in this program receives a .65% class rate. Learn how to enroll in these programs and which if any might benefit you. Each of these programs is designed to encourage forest stewardship and protection of forested land from subdivision. Details at .

Created by Eli Sagor

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