Ask an Expert 2.0 Mock-Up Walkthrough

eXtension is beginning work on a new version of Ask an Expert (AaE). We have an early stage conceptual mock-up designed to capture the user experience and functionality of the new AaE. One of the biggest changes, as described in the eXtension 2012 Strategic Roadmap, is that the new AaE will be a public facing site. Submitted questions (and answers from our experts) will be publicly viewable, and the public will have the opportunity to post comments on questions.

This session will be a walkthrough of the early stage mock-up and is open to anyone interested in learning more about what's coming to Ask an Expert later this year. View the Mock-Up

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On the day of the session, use the link below for Event Location to join the web conference. Sign in as a Guest with your name and state/institution. Audio will be through your computer speakers. Use the chat pod to ask questions and give feedback.

Created by Ben MacNeill