eXtension Strategies and Direction

Ask an Expert 2.0

From the 2011-2014 Strategic Roadmap: "Develop a second generation Ask an Expert system to take advantage of user engagement to serve as a learning and conversation hub. Mechanisms need to be explored to publicly expose these answers, and to facilitate conversations and learning around them."

Arguments supporting this effort include the concepts of openness, engagement, broadening reach, allowing learners to learn from each other, enhancing context when answering, opportunity to dispel misinformation that might be expressed, increased sense of providing responsible answers by experts.

Arguments opposed to this effort are concerned with accuracy and credibility of responses provided, legal implications, de-emphasis of peer-reviewed material, the perceived or real increase or demand for monitoring responses, concern for privacy, top-down mandate from management of eXtension.

Content Appraisal/SEO

From the 2011-2014 Strategic Roadmap:
• "Develop strategies to increase search discoverability that includes an emphasis on publishing original content through eXtension rather than duplicating and/or borrowing content from other resources."
• "Continue supporting Content Reviews (Brain Traffic) and enhancements to maximize search engine optimization (SEO). Create working models of ideal, original content to support best practices. Aggressively monitor developments in SEO and proactively educate learning communities to maximize discoverability."

Supporting arguments: Content that is not discoverable through search engines does no one any good; need to mitigate impact of Google search change; too much redundant material.

Concerned arguments: Demands much time for CoPs with lots of content; it competes with time for developing content; too many demands stacked on top of each other; deadlines are unreasonable; CMB not sufficiently involved; top-down mandate from management of eXtension.


Lawrence Lippke, Craig Wood

Created by Craig Wood

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