eXtension Strategies and Direction

CoP Optimization

From Strategic Roadmap 2011-2014:

Modify the way Communities of Practice function to ensure that they actively participate in learning networks. Those successful communities will exhibit the following characteristics:
• Participate in the daily flow of conversations that occur around subject areas.
• Be timely in engagement
• Engage customers in content development
• Share current scientific findings
• Educate customers on emerging research
• Engage in conversations and listening to network members
• Actively participate in Ask an Expert

Supporting arguments: Enhances user involvement; provides timely/relevant education; assists users in making sense within their respective contexts; is more sustainable; causes CoPs to consider new ways of operating; Optimization process and plan developed by leaders of CoPs.

Concerns: All about process and not about content; scorecard too complicated; insufficient communication with CMB; causing reallocation of available funds; top-down mandate from management of eXtension.

Inclusion of eXtension in NIFA Competitive Grant Programs

Supporting arguments: creates new CoPs; supports and provided sustainability for existing CoPs; brings in new membership; expands reach and increases users for CoPs involved.

Concerns: Research feel pressured to include eXtension; eXtension CoPs are unreasonable in their requests for support.


Lawrence Lippke

Created by Craig Wood

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