9 Important Skills for Talking About Money

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Dr. Victor Harris will present 9 Important $kills for Talking About Money on behalf of the Personal Finance Concentration of the Military Families Learning Network.

Dr. John Gottman’s (1994; 1997; 1999) ground-breaking research has found that by teaching couples a minimal set of skills they may be able to drive a wedge into the cycle of negativity - the major predator to couple friendships. The overall goal in this workshop is to teach couples a minimal set of skills that can help them, if they choose, to drive a wedge into some of the negative cycles that may be disrupting their overall happiness and well being.
Because talking about money is a potential trigger that can easily lead to conflicts and arguments, you will not only learn in this workshop about the 9 Important $kills for Talking about Money, but you will also be given opportunities to practice these skills both in this workshop and at home.

Selected research articles and information have been collected to enhance this web presentation for participants. These readings can be found here: http://bit.ly/NfEgfX

A copy of the full presentation can be viewed here: http://create.extension.org/sites/default/files/9%20Important%20Skills%20%281%29.pdf

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To view the resources shared during this web conference, click here: http://blogs.extension.org/militaryfamilies/2012/06/27/9-important-kills-for-talking-about-money-webinar-recap/

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