Crop Insurance and Southern Agriculture: What You Need To Know

Federal crop insurance has long been a key risk management tool for agricultural producers, as well as for lenders and others who work with producers. Current Congressional debate over the “2012 Farm Bill” strongly indicates that crop insurance will become an even greater part of farm risk management for agricultural producers, especially in light of likely elimination of direct payments and the “safety net” of the traditional farm program under the Farm Bill.

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The importance of this shifting policy landscape and crop insurance is applicable nationwide, and is especially important for southern agricultural crop and livestock producers. In light of these coming changes, it is imperative that producers, lenders, extension personnel, and others involved in southern agricultural production have a foundational understanding of key aspects of current and proposed changes to federal crop insurance.

In addition, a foundational understanding of the crop insurance program will help producers and others more easily navigate and prepare for the claims loss process, and for those instances in which a loss claim is denied.

This free webinar presentation will provide foundational knowledge on the federal crop insurance program and its application to southern agriculture. In addition, the webinar will include information on:

• Update on current federal policy debate regarding crop insurance;
• Key terminology producers and others should be aware of in navigating legal and other important aspects of crop insurance;
• Critical resources for updates and information on legal and other crop insurance issues;
• Discussion of legal considerations that should be considered once a loss occurs; and
• Legal significance of representations made by crop insurance agents to producers.

The webinar presentation is the first in a series of educational webinars provided by the National Agricultural Law Center with generous support from the Banks Law Firm, PLLC that focuses on the impact of the proposed and likely changes for the 2012 Farm Bill debate and other issues impacting agricultural production in the southeast United States.


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