Planning for Sustainable Communities: An Ohio Model of Community-Extension Partnerships

Myra Moss, Ohio State University

Sustainability is rapidly becoming the “issue of our age.” Many local communities are seeking to incorporate sustainability into their development and land use plans, but what this means and how to do it effectively can be a challenge. Over thirteen years ago Ohio State University Extension began to partner with local communities, townships and counties to develop comprehensive and land use plans based on sustainability concepts. We are now engaged in our 10th community plan.

This webinar will present the following:

-The cornerstones of sustainability and how they can be incorporated into community planning
-Methods to engage citizens in the development of a shared vision that will guide planning efforts
-Extension’s role and how this can benefit community’s sustainable planning efforts
-Case studies and results from Ohio, highlighting lessons learned

There will be ample time for questions and answer, so please come prepared to share your experiences and seek additional info


Myra Moss

Created by Chris Hughes