Assessing the reliability of online information

Assessing the reliability of online information is a critical skill for anyone using the World Wide Web. While there is a vast amount of information available online, not all of it is reliable or factual. In this webinar we’ll discuss why judging the reliability of information is important and provide techniques and examples of how to do so. One criteria we’ll focus on is the CRAAP test (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose.) Participants should leave with some good techniques to get started and resources to continue learning about this important skill.

We are using the DoD/DCO Adobe system. If you are going to join this session and you are not located on an military installation, you will have to install several security certificates. The instructions for installing certificates on Windows-based computers are located:

If you are using a Mac computer, please email for access to the certificates and installation instructions.


Stephen Judd, Kristen Mastel

Created by Anne Adrian

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