Ethanol Update “The Present and Future of Biofuels”

PRESENTER: Todd Sneller, Administrator for the Nebraska Ethanol Board

While we wait for a renewable transportation fuel made from cellulosic biomass the ethanol industry has built over 200 facilities which look to produce over 14 billion gallons of ethanol in 2012. This existing industry has had great successes and at the same time has weathered many challenges and controversies of biofuel production. This past year the volumetric ethanol excise tax credit (VEETC) of $0.45 per gallon was allowed to expire and now with drought conditions commodity prices have increased with corn over $7.00 per bushel.

Todd Sneller, Administrator for the Nebraska Ethanol Board will discuss the current state of the ethanol industry and future opportunities and challenges including his thoughts on the future of ethanol and other advanced biofuels. Todd’s insights into the industry extend far beyond the borders of Nebraska, he has been a national leader in biofuels policy since joining the Nebraska Ethanol Board in 1976.

Presentation Topics:
US Ethanol Plant Summary
Ethanol Economics
Integration of Advanced Biofuels
Impact of VEETC Sunset
Renewable Fuel Standard - Requirements, Adjusting the RFS, Solution
Programs to Increase Ethanol Use
Increasing use of Clean and Renewable Fuels


F. John Hay

Created by Susan Hawkins