Critical Conversation: The Mobile Quandary

This is the first in a series of critical conversations for the Cooperative Extension System.

Join us for a conversation concerning the development of native applications for mobile devices. Developing native applications is expensive, and it is difficult to get people to download apps, and to use them. Is building these apps a wise use of public resources? Should publicly funded entities be abandoning the standards and data formats of the open internet?

In this "critical conversation" we'll examine the issues, discuss mobile trends, and have a roundtable discussion on current state activities, and potential strategies going forward.

This is a Google Hangout event. You will receive an invitation to the join the Hangout at the time of the event. A public YouTube URL will also be available on this page when the session begins.

Please note that the Google+ Event URL for this conversation was changed as of 9/11/12, so if you responded to the original event, please go to the URL below and respond again. Thanks!


Kevin Gamble, Barbara Chamberlin, Stephen Judd, Jeff Hino, Bob Bertsch

Created by Beth Raney


Good intro, even for non-technical, non-mobile folks like me Thanks!

Thumb_woodswalk2 Peg Boyles

over 5 years ago

We'd love more feedback:

Thumb_sgjsm100x100 Stephen Judd

over 5 years ago

Watching via the Google+ post @ You have to click the play button to watch

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over 5 years ago

Due to some scheduling and technical issues, we changed the Google+ Event URL for this conversation. If you responded to the earlier event in Google+, please go to the current event URl and respond again. Sorry for the hassle!

Thumb_sgjsm100x100 Stephen Judd

over 5 years ago

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