Critical Conversation: BYOD - Smart phones and tablets in the workplace

The second in a series of critical conversations:

BYOD or “bring your own device” describes the phenomenon of people using their personal technology devices in the workplace. The issues around personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace vary depending on your perspective. For users, there is a freedom and convenience to use a single device that they choose and carry to perform their work functions. For the institutional information technology staff, issues arise concerning security, support, and privacy.

Kevin Gamble will do a short introduction and then facilitate a conversation among a panel about these issues, including questions and comments from attendees.

Werner Gade, University of Wisconsin Colleges
Neal Vines, Penn State
Ashley Fondrem, MIssissippi State
Mark Hendricks, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

This critical conversation will be conducted as a Google+ Hangout On Air. Attendees can view and participate in the conversation on the Google+ Event page (linked below) or on the Network Literacy CoP YouTube channel ( For more details on eXtension's use of Hangouts On Air see:

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Kevin Gamble, Neal Vines, Stephen Judd, Ashley Fondren, Mark Hendricks

Created by Beth Raney


Great webinar - interesting to see what others are doing (or not yet doing). One discussion centered around BYOD vs. Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) devices. This recent article talks about the pros & cons of both.

Thumb_sonja-fuchs Sonja Fuchs

over 5 years ago

This was a very interesting session. I like the Hangout format. I am a nutrition specialist at the University of Missouri interested in the uses of technology (My Facebook page - Learning 2.0 Where Nutrition Education and Technology Meet). I found the discussion about app development very interesting. Yes, apps are expensive to develop. Recent PEW data seem to indicate a tipping point where use of apps is overtaking our use of the Web. However, I am concerned about the level of awareness about existing apps before developing new ones. I would support any efforts to bring people together from many places to address these and other app-related issues.

Avatar_placeholder Ellen Schuster

over 5 years ago

Liked the Hangout format for this type of panel discussion

Avatar_placeholder Susanne Hinrichs

over 5 years ago

Really love the G+ Hangouts On Air format for experiencing an active, evolving discussion like this...

Thumb_jerry_buchko_351x351 Jerry Buchko

over 5 years ago

We'd love feedback on our use of Google+ Hangouts On Air:

Thumb_sgjsm100x100 Stephen Judd

over 5 years ago