Using Social Networks to Build Local Economies

Agriculture in its many forms is still a powerful economic force. Healthy agroecosystems, however, require a number of connections, or reconnections, of farms with: people and communities, economic opportunities, biodiversity, healthy soils. In particular, building local economies around food systems requires connections among many entrepreneurs, to plan and launch entire local supply chains rather than the individual businesses within them piecemeal. Through grants from the USDA SCRI Regional Partnerships for Innovation program and the Fund for Our Economic Future, the Agroecosystems Management Program of OSU/OARDC is developing social networking tools to build local economies starting with food systems but also the advanced energy and renewable bioproducts that come from agriculture. This webinar will describe our work in connecting entrepreneurs along supply chains leading to collaborative business networks that improve agroecosystem health.

Casey Hoy, Professor and Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystems Management, The Ohio State University


Casey Hoy

Created by Mary Peabody