Basic Money Management

This 90-minute web conference will cover: Seven steps to building a spending and saving plan that is likely to be followed. The use of a money management calendar will be highlighted as a tracking and planning tool. Money management styles will be discussed as well as key issues relating to bank and credit union account management. Resources include practical teaching tools found helpful in working with groups and individuals as they develop budgeting and account management skills.

Speaker Anita McKinney is a faculty member of the University of Florida IFAS. She teaches basic financial literacy topics for clients of social service agencies, conducts worksite educational programs, trains social service employees to work with clients on money issues and organizes the 20 Master Money Mentors and approximately 100 Financial Education Volunteers.

Selected research articles and online resources have been identified to enhance this web conference for participants. These readings can be found here:

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Anita McKinney

Created by Molly Herndon

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