Informal Learning 4: Your path to learning - How to find your way alone

Here is the fourth of six sessions on informal learning.

During the hour-long free Webinar, learn techniques for quickly learning new software applications as well as new procedures regardless of the subject. Learn strategies for gaining the information you need to get up and running when something familiar has changed or when you are faced with an entirely new experience. Using the right strategies can save time and energy. Learn:

• How to use the MISS strategy to quickly learn about a new software product.
• Different strategies for information gathering.
• Different individual instruction strategies for professional growth and lifelong learning.
• How to leverage online help strategies

This Webinar will provide valuable tips and best practice for learning about new processes and procedures. Because we are involved in informal learning each and every day, these sessions are intended to provide you with ideas and strategies to help you get the most of your learning opportunities and help you excel in your career.

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Stan Skrabut

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