NeVC: Incorporating Sense of Place, Values, and Personal Perspectives into Extension Teaching and Learning

To address the non-tangible or tacit elements of learning and behavior, panelists will present four methods to help educators and participants in extension programs gain a better understanding of their and others’ values and perspectives that color a learning situation. The use of visual surveys, applied phenomenology, scenario-planning, and sense of place metrics are covered in this conversation about reaching out to engage participants in new and more reflective ways. How can Extension incorporate understanding values, personal perspectives, sense of place, and other non-tangible or tacit elements of learning and behavior into Extension teaching? [Mike Reichenbach, University of Minnesota; Sanford Smith & Allyson Brownlee Muth, Penn State University]


Shari Dann, Sanford Smith, Mike Reichenbach, Allyson Muth

Created by Beth Raney

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