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Session #680

Working Smart/Teaching Smart with Smart Phones

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This session will demonstrate and explain three free and easy Smart phone tools Extension educators can use both to streamline work and use with clients. Presenters will describe their experiences with all three in Extension work. Quick Response Codes are a useful tool, both for marketing programs and as a new method for providing information for stakeholders. Flyers, brochures, business cards, and door signs can contain codes that smart phone users can scan to access additional information—and analytics track the number of users. Expensify is a free PC and mobile app to streamline recording of expenses by scanning receipts, mapping to track and record mileage, and analyze expenses. Clients of all kinds who track expenses, whether agriculture or small business-related would also find this app a useful tool. The square is a small device that turns a smart phone or ipad into a credit card reader. Low transaction costs (2.75%), and the ability to take payments anywhere make this free device perfect for accepting credit card payments for books, field days, programs, and other revenue-generating activities. Payments hit the bank the next business day. These three smart phone tools can increase efficiency and effectiveness of Extension educators.


Kathryn Macomber

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