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Session #683

Animal Agriculture Management for a Changing Climate – Using New Ways of Educating Extension Agents

Like humans, production animals are prone to the impacts of climate change, and methods are being researched for producers to decrease their relative contribution of greenhouse gases. A national team of extension educators is developing a web-based educational course to provide extension agents and educators with the knowledge and tools to work with their clients on adaptation and mitigation practices to help livestock and poultry producers cope with the changing climate. The educational modules are web-based using the Moodle platform and include introductory materials followed by specie & region specific information on how farmers and ranchers deal with changing climate and animal management. Each course module includes presentations, voice over commentary, video, interactive participation, certification test, downloadable extension materials, links for further reading, and complete bibliography. The presenter(s) will discuss methods used for developing a national curriculum that is locally accessible and relevant, demonstrate selected course materials, and provide opportunities for audience input on course improvement.


Gary L. Hawkins

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