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Back to the Kitchen = Back to Education; how a social media campaign could pave the way for future “programming”

The Back to the Kitchen social media campaign, which focused on utilizing social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to educate the online public about the importance of family mealtime and how to realistically increase cooking and healthy eating habits at home, took place in September, 2012 during National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. The purpose of the campaign was two-fold; 1) to increase the online impact and publicity Ohio State University Extension has with the general public while providing them with information on a timely subject and 2) to serve as a professional development opportunity for Ohio State University Extension Family & Consumer Science professionals who were interested in learning more about utilizing social media as a program tool or taking their existing knowledge of social media to the next level.
This breakout session will explore the planning and development process behind the campaign, as well as the experience of implementation during the month of September – from both the campaign director and participant perspectives. This session will focus on how to use various social media tools to conduct a program-area-wide campaign on a specific topic. Come ready to discuss how educating the public in this manor could affect the traditional definition of “programming” in our field.

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