Conference Session This event was part of the eXtension 2012 National Conference

Session #685

We Need You to be a Question Wrangler!

Questions are submitted from every state to eXtension’s Ask an Expert. Finding the best person to answer promptly may be easy for those who know who’s who in their state and subject matter, but harder from someone across the country. We need one or more people from each state to help as Question Wranglers. This session will be a panel of active Question Wranglers talking about what they do and how they do it. Come see what it takes and how you can get involved!
Question Wranglers are volunteers that monitor the incoming questions to the eXtension Ask an Expert system and route them to an appropriate subject matter expert for answering. Wranglers also take responsibility for monitoring whether questions from the public have been answered in a timely manner, follow-up with experts to make sure questions are being answered, and where necessary reassign questions to other experts. We QWs do our work at Ask an Expert ( We hold monthly Question Wrangler Meetups usually on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Join us!


Ann LaVigna, Beth Raney, Emily L. Tipton, Rebecca Finneran, Bob Falconer

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