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Farmers, Ranchers, Social Media: Where Are They and How Do I Find Them? 3x3 Methods to Discover, Learn, and Successfully Engage

Americans are increasing their use of the internet for news and information, with approximately 4 out of 5 adults using the Internet and nearly half of all adults using a smartphone. In production agriculture this means there are approximately 2.4 million farmers and ranchers on the Internet and about 1.5 million with smartphones. Additionally, more than 80% of large producers are connected with broadband, providing the ability to receive lots of information and make faster decisions. Roughly half the principal farm operators are over 45 years old. Conversely, just under half the principle operators are under 45 years old and their numbers are growing. How do you find them online, engage them to learn their needs, and provide them impactful solutions? This session offers three tools and three processes that can help improve your approach to: discovering an audience, developing a dialog with them, creating solutions for their problems, and measuring outcomes.


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