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Session #690

Games, Simulations and Interactives: Strategies for Designing eXtension Learning Tools

In eXtension, our clientele depend on our collective expertise in a number of different ways — such as reference material when they search a topic online or as training resources for teaching others. However, eXtension can also serve as the knowledge base for engaging games and tools. Jeanne Gleason and Barbara Chamberlin will share the ways in which their games, interactive programs and simulations have impacted Extension clientele by presenting learning environments, increasing knowledge and changing attitudes of users. They will share processes for designing, budgeting and integrating tools with our extension CoP work. Online at

Other sites shared during the session:
- Ninja Kitchen Game for food safety,
- Math Snacks games for mid school math,
- Virtual Lab Simulations for science learning,
- Treadsylvania game for ATV safety,
- Demographica iOs app for collecting demographic information at programs,
- Volunteerica iOs app for collecting volunteer hours and contributions,
- NMSU's Learning Games Lab,

Contact Info: Jeanne Gleason -, Barbara Chamberlin -

Barb on twitter @bchamber.

One more thing... here's a short YouTube Video explaining our work. Who Are We and Where the Heck is Las Cruces, NM?


Barbara Chamberlin, Jeanne Gleason

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