NeVC: 3D Immersive Educational Opportunities in Second Life

3D Immersive Educational Opportunities in Second Life-- With continued budget cuts, F2F programming is not always feasible. 3D immersive environments may serve as a practical, inexpensive, and efficient mode of delivery for existing F2F programming. In the last 60 days, 1,362,644 residents have logged into SL to develop, design and create. As in Real Life, much of what residents do is obtain the education necessary to design their world- many using SL as a “trial run” for real life. Extension can tap this market of learners by providing reliable, research-based programming people can use immediately. Join us to see how Extension is using SL to educate. Arrive ready to share your experiences as well as comments/concerns. We look forward to a dynamic and enlightening discussion. [Marissa Stone, University of Georgia; LuAnn Phillips, eXtension]


H. Marissa Stone, LuAnn Phillips

Created by Beth Raney

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