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Where are We Getting the Hits? A Google Analytics Study

Using data from Google Analytics, we look into factors that are associated with article and Ask an Expert (AaE) page views. Specifically, we utilize Google Analytics data from April 2009 – April 2012 and available Page Analytics ( in the personal finance or Financial Security for All (FSA) Community of Practice (CoP) areas. Top 25 articles and AaE with the highest page views per month will be selected to look for similar characteristics among these webpages. At the macro level, we will be exploring relevant statistics to our CoP such as search engine utilized, top search keywords, traffic sources, traffic referral, and mobile device access. We will be also be looking into the tendency of page hits associated with the following factors: newsletter, curriculum, number of words, topic (tag), average Google search entrances per week, age of the article, and its seasonal nature (month, quarter). We share result implications and limitations based on the results of this study


Fahzy Abdul-Rahman

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