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Session #703

The Extension Educator's Role as 21st Century Platform Builders

Social media adoption is critical to Cooperative Extension’s future but only to the degree that it helps us cultivate another critical understanding: our role platform architects and builders of the 21st century. We, as Extension educators, must learn the significance of platforms beyond their more widely understood role as the basis for additional web and software innovation. How well we learn to develop the most open, generative platforms – or, to put it another way, the most optimal learning environments – of the 21st century will determine our success or failure as an educational movement. These platforms will be measured by how effectively we empower our clients to share ideas and to work together collaboratively.

More on platforms, community environments, and stacking can be found

Here is a link that will take you to an explanation of platforms in a pdf and a video


Anne Adrian, Jim Langcuster

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