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Session #704

Using Xtranormal to Create Educational Online Videos

This workshop will describe use of Xtranormal ( to create educational videos. While eXtension has used Second Life to create content for years, there is one major drawback of this virtual world platform. The only audience for Second Life educational content is people who use Second Life. Undoubtedly, many creative eXtension programs are unable to be viewed by many people. Enter Xtranormal as an alternative method to teach content that can accessed with the click of a mouse. Once Xtranormal videos are published, they can be placed on Web sites, in Moodle courses, or publicized via social media. Xtranormal uses avatars but, unlike Second Life, does not require users to log in and learn how to navigate a Web site. Rather, students are simply sent a link. Content developers select characters, voices, gestures, and settings and type text that their characters say. Basic features are free but, like many Web sites, content developers must buy points to do more. The presenter has used Xtranormal to create staff training videos as part of a financial education project with the New York Public Library. The videos segue into a group discussion. Below are two sample links:
Identity theft:

Retirement Planning:



Barbara O'Neill

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