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Use of ICT in Danish Extension Activities

To overcome high costs and strong environmental regulations, Danish farmers must produce using best methods and knowledge available. A unique two-layer advisory system including 31 local advisory centres and a common Knowledge Centre for Agriculture helps them fulfilling this. ICT has since 1997 played an ever-increasing crucial role in this system in dissemination of information and offering of online services. Primarily targeting advisors, the information database with +50.000 articles covering all aspects of farming functions as a library and a as an accelerator of new knowledge. All 3.500 employees in the advisory system use LandbrugsInfo and many of them visit LandbrugsInfo several times each day. For farmers, the portal offers personalized information and services including access to farm specific data and e-documents from to example dairies and feed stuff companies. Approx. 25.000 out of 35.000 Danish farmers are active users of All local advisory centres have their own web sites. Most of these sites and a number of other farming related sites including Farmers Weekly, is running on a common CMS developed by the Knowledge Centre. This ensures a cost-effective solution; re-use of information and single sign on for users.
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Jens Peter Hansen

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