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Session #710

Creating National Presence and Local Value: Perspectives from the Cooperatives CoP

Presenters: as listed and R.J. Gray, Land O Lakes Inc.

One of the major benefits of eXtension is to provide a central location for peer-reviewed, research based material. The system seamlessly delivers information across state and even national boundaries. However, these boundaries do impact the development and sustainability of a COP. The content providers of a COP and their supporting institutions are driven by the stakeholder relationships and budgets at the state level. While newly developed COPs extend information to new areas and new clientele, the participating specialists and their administrators are required to document state level impacts. Enhancing the value at the state and local level is a key determinant of the long-run sustainability of a COP. The Cooperatives COP faced these issues as it worked to develop a national resource on the cooperative business model. This session will feature a diverse panel representing leaders from the COP, state extension administration and the cooperative industry. The panel will provide their perception on the value of the COP and the balance of national presence and local impacts. Specific strategies to create state and local value including linkages with multi-state research projects, webinars, and industry partnerships will be highlighted. The panel will stimulate discussion of a critical area of COP success.


James Trapp, Madeline Schultz, Phil Kenkel, Gregory McKee

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