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Session #717

eXtension Funding and Partnerships – Focus on the Future

Presenters: Bob Lewis, CFRE, Global Advancement, LLC - Founder and Chairman, Ann Hagan-Michel, Marketing and Development, Global Advancement, and Ron Brown, Executive Director, Association of Southern Region Extension Directors, eXtension Foundation National Leadership Council.

Cultivating new, and enhancing existing partnerships to increase revenue and private support for eXtension and its Communities of Practice takes considerable time, know-how and patience. The competition for charitable dollars is fierce and the non-profit quest for corporate sponsorships is steadily increasing at all levels. This session will provide insights into the proven strategies currently being put in place for eXtension – America’s Research-based Learning Network™. Learn what steps are being taken in order to improve eXtension’s chances for success in identifying and partnering with corporations and charitable foundations. Learn about the eXtension Foundation National Leadership Council – a group of Extension leaders and private corporate and charitable foundation executives who are working together to cultivate eXtension partnerships at the national level. Join us as we talk about working smarter with a greater vision.

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Great session learned a lot and can't wait to see the handouts posted.

Thumb_2012_head_shot Janet Hurley

over 5 years ago

Thanks Ron, Ann and Bob. This Q&A session dissolved largely into which CoPs will get money from this effort and how can CoPs do a better job of getting $$$ for their own CoP (since they are encouraged to get sponsors). Some broad-stroke answers to these two questions would be most helpful.

Avatar_placeholder Lynette Spicer Admin Account

over 5 years ago

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