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Nebraska Extension takes youth livestock Quality Assurance (QA) program to the next level by making it available on eXtension through Moodle

In 2012 Nebraska Extension made the state required youth livestock Quality Assurance (QA) available online through an eXtension Moodle course. In the past the requirement was fulfilled through face-to-face trainings and did not account for the ages of the learners or preferred learning style. The new course is broken down by three age groupings, Junior (9-10), Intermediate (11-14), and Senior (15-18), to better accommodate the various levels of learners. In addition, the learning modules were designed to appeal to various learning preferences of the youth. Youth can now read the information, watch a PowerPoint and read the slides, listen to a voice over of the presentation, watch a video, and/or even fill in a questionnaire after they interview their veterinarian. Annually, each youth is required to complete three different modules, and in theory will never repeat the same module for that age grouping. The number of youth who have completed at least one module exceeded this team’s expectations (n=1,820). Overall, the program has received very positive feedback. The youth enjoy being able to get online to complete this state requirement at home and at their convenience. The team plans to expand modules available for the 2013 year.


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