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Session #720

Reaching Beyond eXtension to Inform Extension Programming Decisions

Intended application of survey results may stretch or even leap-frog when the results are so provocative that initial thoughts on boundaries of utility suggest an undercutting of potential use in a larger context. The Financial Security for All (FSA) Community of Practice (CoP) launched a survey ( for educators and the general public from November 2011 to April 2012 (n=726). The goal of the survey was to determine topics for the CoP to prioritize in articles, projects, and grant applications. Results showed some interesting geographic variations across regions of the United States and within certain individual states that perhaps is appropriate to inform Extension programming beyond While our “local” consideration is normally the online environment, free of geographic boundaries, when we look at correlations among survey answers and location of the respondents, we can conceivably impart some needs assessment knowledge to boots-on-the-ground Extension Educators and Administrators.


Barbara O'Neill, Megan O'Neil, Fahzy Abdul-Rahman

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