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Enhancing eXtension Through NIFA Competitive Grant Programs

eXtension is seeing an increase in the number of teams wanting to include eXtension in NIFA competitive grant program applications. Most often teams choose to enhance an existing Community of Practice; however, a few choose to establish a new one in a subject matter yet to be represented by eXtension. Regardless of the type of inclusion, the result should lead to a growth in the number of resources and services provided through eXtension. More specifically, it can lead to growth in CoP membership, the addition of new skills and competencies, new content and programs, an increase in audience engagement, more expertise to answer customer questions, and an increase in financial resources to help grow and sustain the CoP.
This session will describe how eXtension inclusions in NIFA competitive grant program applications can truly enhance a CoP in effective and meaningful ways. Learn how CoPs with a record of success approach such partnerships, how they engage partners, and what they require to be included in applications. Please join us to learn how inclusions in NIFA competitive grant programs can lead to real value.


Dan Cotton

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