Beyond the Numbers: Considerations for working with Latino/Hispanic Populations

The Census data continues to provide us with information regarding the demographics of our nation’s Latino/Hispanic population. This demographic data, however, is only one part of the information that needs to be considered when developing and implementing programming and other outreach efforts for this diverse population. For Extension and other staff to be effective in planning, outreach and programming to this segment of our communities, there is a need to better understand the diversity of this population and the sub-cultures that exist within this ethnic group. Participants of this webinar will also learn about a four levels framework that will be helpful in accessing the challenges and opportunities that exist at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural levels in working to meet the needs of this growing population. Additionally, promising practices in working with Latino/Hispanic populations will be discussed and explored.

This webinar is sponsored by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion CoP


Dionardo Pizaña

Created by Dionardo Pizaña

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