Social Media Guidelines and Policies

Does your organization have employees who use social media tools to do their jobs? Join the ACE Leadership and Management SIG's panel discussion about social media policies and guidelines. The panel includes Rhonda Conlon at NCSU, Elizabeth Gregory North at TAMU, Anne Adrian at Auburn, and Peg Shuffstall and Max Spiegel at Penn State.

Other Professional Development sessions co-sponsored by the Leadership & Management SIG and eXtension are scheduled for Feb. 9, 2011, and April 13, 2011.

This Professional Development session is offered in partnership with the ACE Leadership & Management SIG.

Links shared during the session by each presenter:
Elizabeth Gregory North, Educational Marketing Coordinator, Texas AgriLife Extension

Rhonda Conlon, Director of Extension Information Technology, North Carolina State University

Max Spiegel, Web and Social Media Strategist, and Peg Shuffstall, Educational Technology Coordinator, Penn State
Max Spiegel:!/MaxSpiegel
Peg Shuffstall:!/podprincess

Anne Adrian, Social Media Strategist, eXtension-Auburn
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Rhonda Conlon, Elizabeth Gregory North, Anne Adrian, DeeAnna Adkins, Peg Shuffstall

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