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Session #741

Welcome & Devlin Fidler Keynote

Opening session, National eXtension Conference 2012, Oklahoma City
Conference Kick Off: Dan Cotton, Director of eXtension
Welcome: James Trapp, Associate Director, OCES Oklahoma State University

Devin Fidler, Research Manager, Technology Horizons, Institute for the Future

Devin’s interests center on the application of foresight to organizational strategy and strategic planning. He is interested in organizations as systems designed to activate “know how” in the right places at the right times. From this perspective, he argues that in a post-globalization world “all management is knowledge management.”

Additional areas of focus include energy advances, future supply chains, innovation economics and emerging business models.

Prior to joining IFTF, Devin was involved in technology assessment and the future of business, including work in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Research and Analysis Center and as an Analyst for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. He has lived and worked in several countries and approaches projects from an international perspective.

Devin undertook his MBA work with a focus in emerging markets at the Budapest University of Economics (Budapesti Közgazdaságtudományi Egyetem) and the Institut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales in Paris, and participated in the inaugural class of Singularity University, a NASA and Google sponsored program focused on the evaluation of emerging technologies.


Dan Cotton, James Trapp

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Definitely will need to watch it again -- lots of ideas brought forward. Twitter was very active on this one #neXc2012

Thumb_image Donna Shanklin

over 5 years ago

I suspect many higher ed orgs are going to be left behind by this wave.

Thumb_2009-03-24-mlp Mary Peabody

over 5 years ago

Totally geeked out during this session. Amazing food for thought for Extension.

Avatar_placeholder Katy O'Connell

over 5 years ago

This rocked my world! I am so excited to change how I do my work!

Avatar_placeholder Kristi Cooper

over 5 years ago

Wow! This changes how I see my work with EcoFamily moving forward!

Avatar_placeholder EcoFamily

over 5 years ago

Very Interesting

Thumb_me Nick Broady

over 5 years ago

Ver interesting

Thumb_me Nick Broady

over 5 years ago