Reflections of Military Life in Young Children's Activity

CE credit is not available for this webinar.

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The Child Care concentration of the Military Families Learning Network is proud to announce this addition to our Child Care and Military Families web conference series.

In this web conference, we will:
- Explore military family life and military culture as an important part of a young military-connected child's developing self-concept.
- Discuss ways that child care professionals can respect and reflect children's military identity and interests within the child care environment and curriculum.
- Consider what can be learned by observing the military "reflections" in young children's play and conversation, and how we can use those insights to support them.

CE credit is not available for this webinar.

Web conference presenters:
Rachel Robertson, MA, is the director of education and development at Bright Horizons. She has more than twenty years of experience in the education field and has served as a professional development and education quality consultant, classroom teacher, center director, and quality and training manager. Rachel has many connections to the military community and has provided training and expertise on child care for military families to a variety of audiences. Rachel holds a master's degree in early childhood education.

Kathy Reschke, PhD, is currently the Child Care Concentration Leader for the Military Families Learning Network. Previously, Kathy has been an early childhood classroom teacher and administrator, faculty and Extension State Specialist at Ohio State University, and a consultant and technical writer with state agencies in Ohio. Learn more about Kathy at

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Rachel has authored several books, including a "Deployment Journal for Kids". The publisher is offering a discount on the deployment journals for webinar participants. Learn more here:

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