Memory Banking: Using Life Story as a Tool for Caregiving

Presenter: Amy Hosier, PhD
Assistant Professor & State Extension Specialist in Family Life Education
University of Kentucky

Life story is an account of the series and events that make up your life and define who you are. The story of your life is important because it helps explain where you’ve been, how you got there, where you are now, and even where and what you will be doing in the future.

Despite the fact that most individuals will serve in some care role, there are almost no programs preparing individuals to serve as caregivers for older adults or to be care receivers in old age. This lack of preparation can lead to increased distress and anticipatory grief about the caregiving process. To reduce caregiving distress, Memory Banking is a program that focuses on caregiving/care-receiving preparation and social support by improving partner communication through collective life story recording.

Program Objectives:
After this program, participants will be able to:
•Describe the importance of documenting and sharing life story.
•Explain how life stories and health histories provide meaning to the human experience and enhance personal understanding.
•Explain how life stories can strengthen communication, relationships and quality of care.
•Describe how one’s life story can contribute to legacy.
•Discuss how life story contributes to mental healthiness.
•Discuss how life story can promote conversations about future planning and decision making.
•Discuss how life story can help you maintain an active brain.


Amy Hosier

Created by Andy Crocker

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