Youth Culture and Technology: Debunking the Myths and Moving Forward

MSU Extension is pleased to offer professional development opportunities designed to assist youth development program staff and volunteer administrators in their efforts. Sessions are designed from the youth development perspective; however, all interested participants are welcome. Dr. Yuya Kiuchi of Michigan State University will lead this webinar and share his expertise with youth development professionals.

What are youth doing online? We have heard people say, “Teenagers today are addicted, lacking social skills, and are not interested in sports or health activities,” “They bully friends online and they sext all the time,” “They don’t want to work hard for their goal,” or “They are a part of the narcissistic ‘me’ generation.” Are these myths true? Do youth really lack a sense of privacy when they are online? In this webinar, we will not only answer these questions and debunk these myths, but also learn how we can use technology with and for youth. We can be engaged with youth, encourage them to participate in social, communal, and educational activities, and help them become engaged and responsible “digizens.” This webinar is designed to help you understand what youth do with technology, how adults can use technology with and for youth, and how we can use technology as a vehicle for better future. No prior knowledge or skills of technology is required.

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